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2 RC Transmitter with 1 RC Receiver

Hi everyone,

I have a case where I need to fly my UAV in a long range and have 2 pilots to standby for emergency (one in takeoff position and one in landing position). At cruise the UAV will fly by mission. Is there a way to connect/bind 1 RC receiver to 2 RC transmitter? or is there a RC product that support this case?

Thank you guys

You can use buddy box like this

Thanks @nikhil, but is there a way to just use same type of transmitter and purely only 1 receiver?

There is a company called SIYI that has a really nice RC system that supports dual transmitter on a single receiver.


all RC radios with a Multiprotocol TX Module can be used for this. Via clonig the tx-ID you can control one receiver with two transmitters. For more details take a look here:

Thank you @rickyg32 and @VRquaeler for your responses

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