2 JDrones Hex's for Sale complete w/software/cameras etc

I have a client who has 2 ruggedised JDrones Hex’s that have been used for Survey work.

He has decided to retire and sell the business but doesn’t think the buyers would appreciate the UAV’s for what they are.

So he asked me to put the word out to find if anyone would interested in the whole package.
This includes everything, including the photogrammetry software.

If you want to know more then probably best to PM me.

Location is central coast Queensland Australia.

The Hex’s run dual 3S batteries, 2D Gimbal, Sony Alpha5000 camera (might also be a Ricoh GX for the second hex) 3DR APM2.5 controllers, fittings and arms upgraded from jDrones standard parts to CF and alloy, Futaba radio gear, XBee comms, fully licensed photogrammetry software.

Tuned and flying.