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2 different fixwing on the same computer problem save log in different dir

hi out there.

i hope i have put this in the right tropic?

i have been looking for a way to have 2 airplane log in idifferent dir on my computer
they both save the log in … log/fix-wing/1
i have hope to find a way so airplane 1 (pixhawk-1) save log in ‘1’ and if i make a dir ‘2’ so airplane 2 (pixhawk-2)save the log in this automatic

hope there is one that know the way to do this
Bruno ‘happy flying’

Have a look at
SYSID_THISMAV: MAVLink system ID of this vehicle

Note: This parameter is for advanced users

Allows setting an individual MAVLink system id for this vehicle to distinguish it from others on the same network

1 - 255

sorry for the lave answer
THANKS that was just what i was looking for

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