2 bugs in this auto mission

FS_BATT_MAH is still activating RTL when FS_BATT_ENABLE = 0. This time, I had no telemetry so my x9d can’t be held responsible.

DO_SET_ROI was erased without a command to erase it. It held for the duration of waypoint 4, but it was ignored when waypoint 4 completed.

That is odd. There is a battery failsafe at what looks like the FS_BATT_VOLTAGE threshold (12.8) despite the fact that the battery failsafe is disabled. Did it RTL though? There isn’t an RTL mode logged just the low battery failsafe then a change to PosHold.

The return was programmed into the mission. The error didn’t interrupt the mission though. The previous time this happened, it did RTL on its own while I was flying around manually. If I had been under a tree or whatever, it would have been bad.

It’s doing it at MAH, not volts.