2 antenna RTK GPS is not stable for yaw

I have a 2 antenna RTK GPS for yaw correct. It works fine if GPS condition is good. But when the rover stays at GPS single very weak location for over 3 hours, the yaw is not stable, I can see the direction is turning on MssionPlanner. and switch to Auto mode, the rover does not run normally. even it is shown RTK fixed, the rover head is turning for ever.
I have to reboot the rover to recover it.
How I can fix this issue in Rover4.1

No need for the double post.

Update to the latest firmware and see if that alleviates the issue.

4,2 looks good. but I need fix it in 4.1, because I have customized many codes in 4.1. otherwise I have spend many time to merge to 4.2, cause 4.2 has big changes. It is grateful If there is easy way to fix this issue in 4.1.
Thanks @Yuri_Rage

I don’t have a fix for you. There have been a lot of updates to GPS processing in the recent past, hence my suggestion to update as a starting point.

Upload a log and perhaps we can be of more help here.

@lumono git is really good at rebasing. You should rebase your changes on top of Copter-4.2 branch. That is the easiest solution.

Do NOT merge. A rebase is better and cleaner.

Partially squash your commits before rebasing, that will reduce the number of conflicts

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@Yuri_Rage Do you know why GPS with 2 antenna gets wrong UTC time when reboot machine. It is not sync with local time on Rover 4.2
Rover 4.1 is OK, and Rover 4.2 disable EKF3 using normal GPS (tried Here GPS), it is OK.
I use AP::rtc().get_local_time(hour, min, sec, ms)

I do not know why that’s the case. It sounds like a possible bug, but I can’t say for sure given the info at hand. @tridge