2.6 compass calibration pattern

Hi guys im new here at DIY Drones and new to my APM 2.6 so bear with me. I am using the setup wizard to get my APM up and going, the compass im using is a Ublox gps combo, 3DR gear. I’ve installed in the unit on a quad in X config. The thing that’s getting me stuck is not enough data points during calibration. I’m using the specified pattern of left, right, front, back, top and bottom, going through these and facing each north for about 10 seconds each. I watched the youtube video on this and thought i replicated it pretty well. Can you guys recommend any patterns i might use to get more data? Does the ublox need to be mounted to the craft or can i do this unmounted to facilitate easier movement (wasn’t sure if the gyros had to be in the picture for the wizard to work too), i’ve tried both ways.

Thanks for any suggestions :frowning:

If you are using MP, try updating to the latest version, 1.3.5.

Thanks TC, ill give it a go!