2.4GHz FHSS Radio for Telemetry (and maybe basic control)

Hi there,

I’m trying to find a 2.4GHz FHSS radio to use for telemetry for my quadplane, I’m currently looking at a custom implementation to hook up to a companion Raspberry Pi which includes a LoRa SX1280 module however I’m having issues with full-duplex communication.
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I found this CrazyRadio 2.0 however it doesn’t seem to be FHSS.
I also found this SIYI datalink, but as it’s got a separate air and GCS radio; I’m not sure if it allows both transmission and reception on both ends.

My goal is to retrieve telemetry data from the plane to my GCS, as well as send a heartbeat back to the plane from my GCS. Range is from 500m-1km and transmission delay cannot be greater than 1.5s.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m a bit new to this so please let me know if there’s anything I can clear up. Cheers!

What will you have with a 2.4 fhss system that a standard sik radio or a rfd900 radio wont achieve? And will you need gcs during flights or will transmitter displayed telemetry work well enough? Tell us what your missions might likely look like? What will the quad plane be doing for you?

The requirement for the drone is that we use a 2.4GHz FHSS radio for sending messages to the drone, be this for manual control or initiating a controlled landing. But my idea was to have just one transceiver for this and send telemetry via it as well. The drone mission is to be done fully autonomously (take off, flying around a set of GPS coordinates, dropping a payload and then landing). We need to display live telemetry on a GCS. Also to add; we’re using DroneKit on the raspberry pi for the programming the flight.

Sounds like the intent of the requirements is to allow use of a standard rc set (most are 2.4g fhss) for the rc link (manual control and flight mode setting) then your idea is to combine mavlink too,

The only systems I know of which combine is crossfire full-size tx module and rfd900x

Otherwise most telemetry is available in yaapu and even mission selection can now be done from tx switches so the need for a gcs for a predefined mission as you describe is not necessary, in which cas you can use frsky or elrs or others to combine control and telemetry.

Oh okay, there isn’t really a way I could use a custom solution for it? We currently have a custom GCS dashboard which reads data and displays it on a laptop. Also for the crossfire and RFD900X I could only find versions which are 868MHz, not a 2.4GHz version?

TBS Tracer is 2.4Ghz. Why do you want a custom solution?

mLRS supports MAVLink and RC over the SX1280. Note that I have never used mLRS, and I believe it is somewhat experimental.

Ah thanks I’ll take a look at the Tracer. A custom solution would be nice so integration with some of our other custom software system may be easier. Also may be cheaper and as we have a budget limit which is nearly crossed, cheaper is better.

Will take a look and see if that could be incorporated in our current system

Unfortunately I think the TBS Tracer is not FHSS, unless I’m really wrong?

TBS’s webpage describes the CRSF protocol as “Self-healing & frequency hopping (DSSS, FHSS)”

I don’t think it’s understood why you can’t use any commercially available RC system that provides RC control and telemetry regardless of protocol.

To me from a far off viewpoint as i dont know the detail, it looks like a uni project where the requirements have been set at “2.4g fhss” in an attempt to choose cheap widely adopted, readily available rc system while still trying to look like they know what they are talking about. Where maybe they should have scoped a bit more broadly, 2.4 fhss must cover spek, fut, frsky, plus most of list on a 4 in 1 module,

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