2.0.16-RC1 Primary flight display widget bugs on QT5.4

This is not specific to the actual build releases. I am compiling with QT 5.4 because of bugs in previous QT versions causing connection / crashing issues. I apologize if this is not supported, but I was hoping these issues are something easy to fix / implement. My QT knowledge is noob, and also sorry if this is not the correct place to post this.

Below is a vid showing issues:

  • buggy QML “primary flight display” causing issues with other QML objects on the screen. The old primary flight display works fine however.
  • Would be nice if the program remembered that I had “old flight display” active, and reloaded on start-up.
  • Would be nice if we can change the font colours on the status items, and have the program “remember” the settings.



The issue is with running multiple QtQuick views on your graphics card. Either the problem is with your device driver, or requires a fix (workaround) in Qt5.4 for your HW spec. Try the Qt project forums for info on fixes required in Qt5.4 or build time settings on building Qt5.4 from source to fix your problems.

If you don’t have the latest release version of Qt5.4 that also might be your problem. I.e maybe it’s been fixed in the current release.

This isn’t really an APM Planner 2.0 issue, per se, though its affected. We will move to 5.4, but there was an issue causing a segmentation fault on OSX in the serial port layer. But that was in the beta release. We will try the 5.4 release soon, and make any fixes that are required.

Thx :slight_smile:

You were correct. Built and run again on a different machine with QT 5.4, no issues.
Does seem to be hardware / driver related.

Thanks for steering me in the correct direction.