1st post - bait boat holding station ? how please?

Hi, first post so go easy if I’m asking dumb q’s please…

I have a rc bait boat/camera boat that I want to drive out onto the lake and stop at a point and hold station at that point. (while I lower a rc camera sled to mid water or the lake bed and take some photos of Carp)

I guess GPS is part of the answer but reaching the exact point and holding station at the point is beyond me at present.

Can you point me to hardware and software(win7), plus a primer, that would do the job ?
(searching the web has got me here after reading a little about Rover stuff)

Last point… no big budget parts thanks, I’m a keen inventor and do most stuff on a shoestring!
Thanks for reading this far!

Hi Brian,

You’ve come to the right place I think and hopefully most people are kind and helpful here. We try to be. I suspect a boat in Loiter mode will do what you’re looking for.

So you’ll need to connect up a flight controller so that it can control the boat’s motors and rudder (if it has a rudder).

I’d recommend a skid-steering boat if possible but a separate rudder and motor frame can also work. The two types are described here. We also have “omni boats” coming in Rover-3.5 which has started beta testing. “omni boats” use 3 or 4 thrusters to move around so they can move in any direction without changing their heading.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. (too many projects on the go…)

Thanks for the guidance.

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