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1970-01-01 02:00:00 timestamp on log-files?

(MickeM) #1

Why do I sometimes (50% of times) get the date 1970-02-02 in Mission Planner when I have connected the controller to the computer to download logs via USB-cable? Its in the windows where I choose which log to download.

(mlebret) #2

Bad GPS data, date and time are missing so you have the default.


(MickeM) #3

Ah, so the battery in the GPS is bad?
But it works sometimes.
Should I leave it on for a while for it to update the calendar?
Where do I see if the GPS data is correct and the date is there in Mission Planner?

(MickeM) #4

How is this solved? The problem is still there. How do I fix it? =)