15" quadcopter crash in wind

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate your help diagnosing the cause of my quad’s crash.
My .bin file and .tlog file are attached.
2021-02-26 17-39-46.tlog (306.9 KB)

My quad was autotuned 10+ flights ago, and I had not encountered any errors. The quad had been flying decently during this particular flight at low altitudes (<10 meters). Then I increased my height exposing the quad to ~6 m/s wind. A few seconds later, the quad lost attitude control.

For reference, I was running a 15" quadcopter running:

  • T-Motor 4012 + Tarot 15" props (I know these aren’t great props…)
  • APD 40F3 ESCs
  • Tarot 680 Pro frame
  • Cube Orange
  • Here 3 GPS (single, using its compass as compass1)
  • Tattu 6S 6000 mAh
  • Raspberry Pi Companion Computer (inactive during crash)
  • RFD 900 TXMod

Thank you

First you have a terrible Yaw bias on that craft. Perhaps from twisted arms.

And I’m not sure if you had thrust loss or some outputs were just driven to max from the Yaw demand.

Also, your Rate filters look low for a 15" craft and you don’t have Voltage thrust scaling set.