12 Partners Signed up to ArduPilot.org

After our recent announcement for partners to support the ArduPilot.org project we have had 12 new signees. Click out the partner link to find out more about the benefits to supporting ArduPilot.org and development of the ArduPilot Autopilot for All Systems

  • jDrones
  • enRoute
  • AUAV
  • LiveLink
  • CUAV
  • Falcon Unmanned
  • Laser Navigation (Virtual Robotix)
  • Craft & Theory
  • ProfiCNC
  • Lightware Optolectronics
  • Dronebility

this is fantastic, congratulations

This is quite confusing: On http://www.ardupilot.com/partners I find 11 partners while on http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-partners.html I find 15 partners listed … :astonished: Maybe one would want to pay particular attention to the precious partners.

I’d like to grab the opportunity to also say this: I perfectly understand that all this web design is tremendous work, and have deep respect for all the efforts you guys put into that. However, in some sense the web redesign is going on since 3DR pulled out, and is only strongly re-enforced by the recent DC events. I think that for a project of the size, relevance, and intended professionalism like ArduPilot the web pages are crucial. I’m for example most confused that www.ardupilot.com/org and ardupilot.com/org leads me to two quite different front pages. I would think that you want to urgently decide where web users should land first. Also, I find it strange that e.g. dev calls are still on drones-discuss and not on ardupilot-discuss. Etc. pp… I guess if I where you I would call out a “week of web”, where all devs so to say stop doing what they’re doing and all concentrate on figuring out and working out all web related questions and itches, once and for all. The convergence rate of the current step-wise recursive approach is maybe a bit slow. :slight_smile:

Even though it’s even more OT I’d also like grab the opportunity for some suggestions, which are of course just my 2 cents:

  • Logos: I guess I would change/append the logos a bit. On the landing page it would be just the ArduPilot logo. On the docs pages I would remove that hut thing (HOME is home, right), and instead have the main ardupilot logo appended by a docs label, a ArduPilot-Docs label so to say. Similarly on the discuss pages I would have a Ardupilot-Discuss logo. (by analogy the docs pages might be on docs.ardupilot.com/org?)
  • News: What I like about the DD pages, and what is my major reason to regularly visit them, is their news part, specifically the UASA to the right. I also like that the latest responses are quickly seen. I think I would do www.ardupilot.com/org similarly in that regard, to the left latest posts, to the right latest news from the world. Also the central posts could reflect more of what’s going on outside of ArduPilot, but that’s probably something you have on the agenda anyhow. The menu which is currently to the left I find totally superfluous, anything of it could be put into the header line.
  • Entry foto: I realize that it has become fashion that the only thing one sees then reaching a web page is a huge photo and little else. Design-wise this might be cool but usage-wise I personally find that quite annoying. I’m interested in the information :D. I would shrink that down.

Cheers, Olli

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Hi Olli,

I’m not sure why it would be confusing for you. The page was last updated on September 13th and there were 11 at that time, then the blog post on the 14th announcing 12, and now we are up to 15, just 3 days later. At this rate, we’ll have 100 by Christmas. :slight_smile:

Please allow us some time to update all the pages as things progress.

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Thanks for the comments, the Partners page is kept in -sync, so it now reflects the 15 new partners we have signed, and 3 in the last 12 hours. Go ArduPilot.

Thanks for the compliments and comments of the new look and feel to the homepage. We are updating pages daily so theses kinks and the overall design are ironed out.

You can tap the ‘read now’ on the home page to jump target to the news section if that helps a bit.

Thanks again.

For the .com versus .org, I understood it that .org is for non -commercial and .com for commercial activities. So for DIY entry level docs and forum --> .org and for business professional consultancy etc --> .com. Anyway the main page looks good on the .com with all the news etc. I think that the forum is confusing though. Just too many catgories. It is difficult to find anything