12 motors with cube orange

I have cube orange and I want to setup a copter which has 12 motors.
I use this page for motors settings:
As you can see in the image below, The frame that I chose for my multirotor is a little different:

Is cube orange suitable to use in this application? Could you please tell me any experience that you have about using lots of motors or different frame?
thank you

yes, it can do that, but you do need to adapt the motor mixer values a bit. there is an example on how to do it using lua scripting.
With that method you do not need to change the firmware, just upload a simple small script.

If you use FETtec OneWire ESCs you will also be able to get telemetry from all 12 motors using a single wire.

Thanks for your answer.
Do you know a video, document or page that has such an experience?

A quick google search gave me:



Thank you for your answer and guidance