1 of my motors won’t spin right after crash

Originally thought the motor dead. Tested with other esc to make sure it wasnt the esc and noticed it would turn left and arm fine but when I reversed the direction it won’t turn right it will just twitch on arm. Have calibrated esc multiple times through mission planner (once manually during initial setup). This all started after a failed first take off and it flipped the motor was working before.

Edit 2: I changed the motor location and now it refuses to spin left and will only twitch right seems maybe the motor will only try to spin in the opposite direction healthy to the quad.

Edit 3: Motor will spin right sometimes but only when given throttle not on arm

A broken wire to the motor or winding inside the motor.

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I was running test on the motor and believe it might be the pins from the motor to the esc after making them snuggly secured on the problem motor the motor spun up and even hovered until the problem motor stopped working and I spiraled out of control (I assume the pins went loose) but hey my first take off! Is there anything I can do about these pins?

The bullet connectors? Cut then off, solder the wires together with heat shrink.