1 battery, 2 ESCs without PDB


is it possible to run the system with using only the XT60 power module?
There is only 1 out for the power? My battery is NiCd and I don’t think i will upgrade it to LiPo(maybe to Nimh). What is the suggested diagram? Or do i just need to get any power distribution board?


You should be able with just the power module. But your post is kind of vague. Put a Y on the power module output or wire up a buss bar.

Thank you. I thought i must have had one PDB because of 2 esc 2 motors skid steering setup.

Thank you a lot.

How you do the power distribution is totally up to you. A PDB is one possibility. They are often used in multirotors because space and weight are limited. With rovers and boats those are not as limited most of the time. I soldered a XT60 power distribution for my rover. One XT60 male to connect the battery/power module to and multiple female connectors to connect the different loads (ESCs, BECs, step ups etc.). If you only have two loads, just do it as David suggested and solder/buy a XT60 Y adapter and connect it behind the power module.
And if you are going to buy one, take care to buy the right one. You want two ESCs in parallel, so you need 1 male, two female.

Thanks I’ll go with the Y connectors.

I’ll order 1060 hobby wire brushed esc’s. I saw nice 10 dollar PDBs. But a Y connector is cheaper and easier.

Is there a way i can use Dry SLA 12V 7AH for the motors on the nimh settings? They are 2 kilos but very cheap and this 92cm boat can easily take 2Kg over a thin wooden board. So you recommend this?

Both lipo or NiMh/Cd setting in the ESC will not work as protection for a lead acid battery. The lowest voltage it should be discharged to is 1.8V per cell. That is above the fully charged voltage of a NiMh battery and way below the voltage a lipo should be discharged to.
Calibrate the power module and monitor the battery through a GCS. It seems low voltage alarms for lead acid batteries are rare.

Yeap. I’m ordering Y parallel cables.

Since it is paralel voltage must be the same i guess.

Thank you again. I’ll buy 1060 hobby wiring esc’s. They are Tamia. I’ll go all xt60. Lots of connectors. Or ill get xt60 plugs and go to local electrician to solder them for me.