1.4 m quad Copter crashed without any error in log

17-07-28_15-27-20.bin (698.3 KB)
Copter’s roll axis became more and more bigger at auto mode, then crashed, but log show no error there ,can anybody help me analysis this ?

So weird. i don’t know why

How much tuning have you done on this quad?

You are using it fro spraying, how much does it weigh?
When in the spray cycle didi it get unstable?

Some details about the machine would help.

Is it balanced?
The motor outputs are not balanced.
Towards the end the motors max out trying to stabilise.

Check your tuning.

It was flying just fine with reasonable vibration levels, then vibrations increased to an insane level, with a lot of sensor clipping as well.

Usually that means something started to fall apart midair, something came loose, or a propeller partially disintegrated.

Hi Andre

might be an stupid question , What program are you using to analyse logs.?

APMPlanner2 - the best for that purpose :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will try it out