1.3.55 Flight Data and Flight Plan don't match

I’m definitely a beginner here but the WP’s on the two screens (Flight Data & Plan) don’t match up too well.

Plus an additional WP appears on the Flight Data Screen very close to the Home point.

So what am I doing wrong?



have you uploaded the mission to the drone?
flight planner is for planning, flight data shows what is on the drone.

Yes I’ve uploaded the mission to my rover. I noticed the difference after I recently upgraded to 55. So I went back to 1.3.52, but the Basic Tuning config screen does not have FF, which I need, so I once again went up to 55.

I’ll go back to 52 and see if FF is in the complete parameter list. If so then I’ll stick with that until others with more experience chime in… cuz I figure its got to be something I’ve done.

1.3.52 is OK. Both screens are the same and there is no extra WP added next to Home. I tried to go to 1.3.53 but was unable to access the file on your site.

please post a save of your mission, so I can check whats going on

OK. Which file do you want? The *.bin dataflash?

What I’d first like to do is get 1.3.53 to see if everything is OK. (if memory serves me, it was fine). Then upgrade to 1.3.55 and send you that file. Where can I get 1.3.53?

in flight planner just save the wp file
and send me that. all the rest I can replicate in sitl

Here is the file2 Sweep_Test2 with reverse 1.3.55.txt (803 Bytes)

Here is a pic of my flight plan.

Here is a pic of my flight data screen: flight%20data

Notice the 1 waypoint is now next to home and an extra waypoint (9) is at the end.



Update: I was finally able to get back to 1.3.53. No discrepancies between the plan and data screen.

No problem now with 1.3.56!