1.3.41 screen scaling with smaller notebooks

Been using MP for 2 years plus now. Updated yesterday from build 39 to build 41; however am thinking about reverting.

The reason is that the dialogs cram into each other now on my HP Spectre X360 (13 inch screen) rendering it nearly unreadable and ununsable.

HP scales the display to 150 % (which is recommended for readability). I can solve the problem by dropping the scaling back to normal (100 %) but it makes the text nearly impossible to read, especially when out in the field.

Have you heard from others complaining about this?

Thank you.

please try the latest beta MP. this has been resolved in the beta.

That seems to have worked…however even though it seems as if MP updated, every time I update it via the program updater, at the very end of the process Win10 tells me that updater.exe has stopped responding.

Also, I cannot get autoanalysis to work. When I start to do one, it says ‘downloading loganalyzer’, then extracting…after a minute of that, win10 throws an error complaining about runner.exe has stopped working.

updated to beta version today, still big problems resizing screen. Connects telemetry than window shrinks and scales down. resizing messes with the rending of the windows and text making it unusable.