1.25m H-frame not stable

Hey everyone, I am building a big quad for the first time, I’m using a 1.25m aluminium frame
1100 kv brushless motors
1245 propellers
the problem is, whenever I increase the throttle stick to take off it goes up as expected but with a lean forward , I try hard to stabilize it until it becomes more stable, but even when it is at high altitude it still moves forward, and the landing is terrible whenever I decrease the throttle a little bit it goes fast to the land and unstable, I’m using APM 2.8 flight controller

Hello @ibrahem_elhorege welcome to the community.

First read this post:

After that get a modern flight controller.

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…and larger props and lower KV motors, possibly.

At the risk of making some assumptions, this craft seems poorly conceived right from the start. An all metal H frame sounds like a recipe for a wobbly, vibration prone mess. The size and material choice seems wildly incompatible with 12” props on 1000+ kV motors. And the old, unsupported autopilot has no business managing a craft of that size in 2024.

Provide some more details and project objectives in a new topic where we can assist you from the ground up. I highly recommend not proceeding with the present course of action.

Thanks for the help. At the moment, I can’t change any of the components I have. It’s incredibly difficult to manage or obtain any components in Egypt—almost impossible. Given this situation, what course of action should I take to build the largest possible drone with the components I currently have?

buy ecalc multirotor and play around with your options.

First buy this Flight Controller:
Flight Controller