1.2.99 and 1.3.0 not letting me Set WP other than 0

Hey Michael…

I have uninstalled and re-installed on three different machines. I realized the problem in so started uninstalling and at about the same time 1.3.0 dropped. I installed that fresh and still cannot select any other waypoint besides 0 (Home) on the Actions tab. Several different missions were tested with no difference.

Is this a defect, or am I perhaps suddenly not using the tool properly?

Thanks in advance!

this is a bug. will be fixed shortly.

Ok cool, thanks man. If you think of it after pushing, let me know and I’ll pull the beta down for testing.

Hey Michael… a buddy and I have gone all the way down to .93 and still cannot get the pulldown back. Any chance this is a bug in the AP/AC code and not MP? Do you know if there is any work-around available?

I just downreved to 2.78 (Plane) on a spare APM and noticed I have my waypoint drop down back. Looks like something going on between the flight controller and Mission Planner.

Confirmed this as working on the latest update. Tried this on two different APM boards loaded with plane.

the issue is to do with a parameter name change the ap_mission introduced. but MP now handles 3 different param names for that wp function now.

Good deal, thanks again Michael! Will mark this as resolved.

Edit: You already did :slight_smile:

Cheers mate