$1?0 video and data transmission link, and support mesh networking

Hi guys, we recommend you one of our new graphical links_Mini homer
At present, WiFi halow is a low frequency, long distance, relatively new WiFi protocol, it can achieve network, transmission distance up to 1200 meters, in Europe and the United States is a legal frequency band.

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Do you have some link for a devkit or a vendor in Europe? That looks interesting

Hi, we just started our overseas business, so we don’t have an agent in Europe yet, we should have one later.
You can place your order directly from our Aliexpress Shop and we will ship it to you directly from mainland China.
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Here are some test videos, including Mini Homer’s outdoor maximum transmission distance test, relay transmission test, Mini Homer’s application test on a fixed-wing aircraft, Mini Homer’s cross-floor data transmission stability test indoors, and Mini Homer’s data transmission stability test on Xiaomi’s Cyberdog. Hope it can be helpful to you.
Video on YouTube

At present, WiFi halow is a relatively new WiFi protocol for low frequency and long distance, it should be able to achieve network, the transmission distance can also be seen in the test video of this product, but in China this band is not a legal band, subject to radio regulation. In Europe and the United States is a legal band.

The image looks like it looses a lot of frames, is it something you are working on?

The frame loss occurs at a transmission distance of 1500 meters, which is beyond our promised maximum transmission distance (1,000 meters).
In the normal range, it is 25fps without frame loss.

In videos inside the building the frame loss is evident at short distance too, it gets freezed quite often for a split second.
Maybe a better video would explain features better. Any intentions of making some videos in english?

I got you :grinning:, first of all, when tested indoors, there are indeed some obvious frame drops, this is because there are many obstacles indoors, will significantly reduce the transmission distance, we are talking about the maximum transmission distance of 1000m +, is measured in the open environment. Of course we generally use drones are generally also within visual range. This module is 900MHz frequency, compared to the 2.4G module, its bypass capability is already relatively stronger.
These videos are already done before in Chinese, but we provide subtitles in 7 languages, hope it will be helpful for you. We will try our best to record the videos in English later.

Guys, we are going to do some certifications in order to sell this cost effective graphical data transmission link to more countries. But we don’t know much about the certifications needed in each country. Can you provide some information about the certifications needed in your country, such as what certifications are generally needed in the US, what certifications are needed in the EU, what certifications are needed in the UK, etc.?Thanks in advance!

What is the measured limit distance of the UAV (not promised by the publicity)

The transmission distance in the open area is up to 1.2km, if you use the relay module, it can reach 2km away. There is also support for networking. Using wifihalow program, is a new wifi protocol.

We recently tested the networking capabilities of the Mini Homer, which reached a maximum transmission distance of 1,600 meters.
video on YouTube