0x100000 I:238 flow_of_ctr

Had 238 flow error as soon as i hit “Large vehicle magcal”

Cube Orange on Rover 4.3.0 Beta 4 Using internal AK09916 magnetometer.


I also had a flow error on my copter. Also on the new 4.3.0 stable firmware.

I or anyone else haven’t found any cause yet but it could be related

@rmackay9 Any clue on why it happens?

Have to test my boat tomorrow but it won’t let me arm with this error running. Is there a way to silence it? If it is safe to use.

If i go back to latest stable 4.2.3 do you think it’ll fix it? At least to test boat than i’ll update once solved.

Going back to 4.2.3 fixed the issue so i guess is a tighter check on latest 4.3 beta 4 causing the problem.

There’s discussion elsewhere that slow loops, overloaded CPUs could be causing this. For example on a Cube Black you might need to set INS_USE3,0 to only run two IMUs and EKFs.
In copter or plane you might consider disabling the live FFT feature or minimise scripting.

That probably shouldnt happen with a Cube Orange, you might want to set LOG_DISARMED and supply a log to @rmackay9
Just speculation, but it might even just be related to the large vehicle mag calibration, and not affect you any other time.

Will do, thanks.

In the mean time i’ll use stable which is not causing any problem.