Yaw is faster in one direction

hello everyone. Our drone yaws to the left in flight. We looked at many things, but we could not solve the problem. When we yaw to the left, it turns very fast. When we move it to the right, it rotates very slowly. Could you please suggest a solution by looking at the images I posted? Thank you. First picture is the one that we didn’t had any problems while flying.Second one is the one it yaws to the left.

Hello @Osman_Coban , welcome to the community,

Search this forum for “yaw imbalance”. And check the yaw trim on your RC transmitter, it should be fully centered. Do not use ANY trim on the RC transmitter.

Follow Methodically configure and tune ArduCopter for proper tuning. If you would have followed it, you would not have had this issue. Read section 1 carefully.

You will find your motor mounts are twisted slightly