Wrong display of Amp draw in hud

Arducopter 3.5 RC5
MP 1.3.48
Pixhawk 2.1
3DR Power Module

Measured Anp draw by an external ampere meter: 680mA
Calculatted Amp in the Battery calibration menu in MP: 670 (no unit of measure given)
Displayed amps in Tower: 0.7A
Displayed amps in the MP hud: 670A

The amp displeased in the MP hud mixes up Ampere with milli Amps apparently.

It’s doing the same thing on my Solo that’s running master.

I have the same issue on the newest version of MP on AMPs (Just updated to it this weekend). The MaH draw is wrong as well and is not calculating correctly under both the status and quick tabs. I am running the same HW:

Arducopter 3.5 RC5
MP 1.3.48
Pixhawk 2.1
3DR Power Module

Worked fine in MP 1.3.46.

I was beginning to worry this was a Solo problem I was seeing. Glad to see it’s not!!

I also saw this issue a few days ago and posted here:

The Battery per cells volts and temp are reporting incorrectly as well in MP, though Dataflash logs are OK. I put a couple of short logs in a follow up message.


I’m having the same problem with my Pixhawk 2.1 with a attopilot 180. My PH2.1 running with the supplied power module on another unit are working correctly. Weird lol. Both are running Arducopter 3.5rc5.


I have same problem too…
For me voltage readings are ok but Current is jumping to some enormous values…and fluctuate(never saw this before)

Arducopter 3.5 RC5
MP 1.3.48 build 1.1.6335.25413
Pixhawk 2.1
Mauch power sensors and Hub

can somebody post a log with the issue inside it.
tlog that is

@Michael_Oborne a tlog can be found here in the other thread

New update build 1.1.6338.38467 solved my problems with big numbers…readings are somehow correct numbers but it still jumping 1-10A(this may be due to my setup with Power Cube4?)

Awesome, I’ll give it a go. Good for Mauch as well, bought one thinking it would solve the problem lol! Guess not, but this may : )

Nope: replay my Tlog in new MP, Check Mah used in status: call voltage, and temp, MP math problem I think due to new battery pram reports. all goofy when replayed.
Haven’t’ tried a new flight yet.

The jumping numbers is happening on my Solo as well, so I don’t think it is just your power cube.

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please try the latest beta.
think there was a *10 when it should have been a / 10

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Latest MP not fixing. (build 1.1.6338.38467)

Still showing 112 Amps draw. Maybe /100? Also “battery-usedmah” counting up each read cycle, and MP is showing individual cell voltages at 65.535 and a battery temp of 327 (and I am not using a smart battery-so I expect a zero for these new cell volt and temp items?)

Just tested the latest beta Mission Planner with the same results. Very high current reading. Batter used field seems correct though. This running 3.5rc05 firmware and a Pixhawk 2.1.2017-05-10 12-58-27.tlog (408.0 KB)
2017-05-10 13-00-09.bin (1.5 MB)

Just heading out to test another Pixhawk 2.1 on the 3.5rc05 beta that I though was working…

Think I found the issue. Took up my quad pixhawk 2.1 running 3.5rc04 and it works fine. Upgraded the firmware to 3.5rc05 and the current displayed skyrockets. Also, the battery used is flickering and glitchy, though it seems accurate enough. This was done on Mission Planner 1.3.48 build 1.1.6338.38467.

Interestingly, current is displayed correctly in Tower with 3.5RC5.
So it appears that the defect is rather with Mission Planner.

Pixhawk 2.1 running 3.5rc05 works with 1.3.48 build 1.1.6340! Tested both copters with the same results. Thank you!

the issue was around scaling and a new message that sends the current message. i did some other small fix’s as well based on the tlogs posted here.