Windows drivers to connect to telemetry radios

Anyone know where to get drivers for window to connect 3dxr telemetry radios with MP and windows 10

Drivers? If you have windows 10, just plug it in. windows 10 will take care of the drivers.

That’s what I did and got an error msg about drivers not correct and would not connect, tried update drivers but would not update,

That’s what I tried and got no connection an error msg that drivers where not correct, tried to update windows would not update.

Go to device manager and and you will see a Yellow Exclamation mark in front of the device.

right click and say uninstall the driver.

After Uninstall is done, Unplug the telemetry device and reboot your computer. after reboot laptop and plug it back in again. see what happens.

take screen shots of all error messages also post error message inside device manager.

Also have you contacted 3DR?

Connect to a PC

Contact 3DR? Good one :rofl:

The jokes on me, I confused 3dxr with 3DR.

What’s funny about contacting 3DXR? :slight_smile:

I bug the hell out of Holybro and got all the support I needed on their new kakute FC

Sorry Asim you are right. I was confusing it with 3DR who was initially producing these radios before they crashed and burned. For these products that is, they are still around. I still have an actual telemetry radio produced by 3DR!

Its all cool…I am surprise this guy can’t get his radio to work under Windows 10…I never had any problem under Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Yes. usually they just work. They won’t if one has the V2.0 and the other V1.9 which I have seem posts of before.

Check this post of mine DJI Occusync and Pixhawk

Interestign debate going on.