Where to download Copter 3.5 for an original IRIS+ with a PixHawk 1. (1Mb) to support the Gripper

Dear All,

I have an IRIS+ and would like to be able to use the “Gripper”.
Copter 3.6.x has dropped Gripper support for PixHawk1.

Is it possible and safe to use 3.5.x with the Gripper Support?
Or can we compile the last Version with the Gripper enabled ?

Thanks a lot.


Copter 3.6 has only dropped support for gripper on boards that have a 1MB bug.
Does your board suffer from the 1MB hardware bug?

If you try to upload a full featured FW to a board with the 1MB hardware bug using Mission Planner, you will get an error. So try it out to see if you have the bug.

One other way to find out is: 1MB Flash space or not

And yes, you can enable gripper support on 1MB builds, but probably you will need to disable some other feature.

Hello & thanks a lot @amilcarlucas to have taken the time to respond to my question.

Can we download somewhere a stable 3.5 version with Gripper support for Hardwares with 1mb limitation? I was not able to find such a version. I would prefer not to compile, and don’t need more features than 3.5 proposes.


We have finally successfully installed the full 3.6.12 Chibios version on our Pixhawk that works.
Thank you