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Watchdog reset in flight and Ardupilot does not complete startup and hangs

Matek H743 slim, last Arduplane from master.
Exactly same problem.
Connected Matek m8q CAN, DJI Airunit, arspeed sensor connected to m8q can.

Matek H743 Mini with the latest Fw, has happened today on the field (already once before with the latest stable). Plugged in the battery, 2x 3 beep startup noise, but then the last 2 ESC beeps were missing. MAVLink and SLCAN are showing up in the device manager but no connection is possible with Mission Planner. The TX doesn’t show any telemetry data too.

@Simon_Exner is going to send me his board so I have a board that can reproduce the problem. I wasn’t able to reproduce on my board

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Bonjour, avant toutes choses, je vous fĂ©licite pour votre travail et votre dĂ©vouement sur ce site. Je suis actuellement sur un 1er projet d’un avion VTOL, et j’ai achetĂ© un FC “Matek H743” . J’ai plusieurs problĂšmes avec ce FC, et en particuliers : Connexion impossible avec Mission Planner . Mais faibles compĂ©tences, m’empĂȘche de vous aider, mais je suivrai avec grand intĂ©rĂȘt vos Ă©changes techniques. Cordialement.

Do you think this is related to the H7 FRAM fix you did in master?

I have at least two data-points that indicate this is fixed by

Thank you for the confirmation.

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