Want LED indicators on GCS of specific errors and Operations

Hey there,
I am working on GCS in which I want to add LED indicators of specific operations like gps lock, manual/auto and RTL on GCS so that I can see these things from LED indicators rather than go and check in HUD window. If anyone does this before kindly assist me the way I can do it.


my best guess is you would need to program an arduino to look for specific mavlink messages on the telemetry link and then turn on pins connected to leds.

Thanks for the quickest reply. But I want to see these indications on GCS not from my flight controller. I want to get specific messages from mission planner and turn these messages into led indications for better user experience.

you dont have to get the mavlink stream on the vehicle, you can either tap the TX wire from the telemetry radio as it goes into the laptop or you can CTRL+F in mission planner and select mavlink mirror to output to another serial port with the arduino attached.

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Thanks for the help highly appreciated. I will look into it and post the progress thanks