Viewpro gimbal setting help

Hi @rmackay9 , I did that. Will I be able to control via joystick. I have viewlink app running behind and buttons assigned in the viewlink app with joystick is working as the app runs behind. The control is gone as the app is closed.

Hi @vpaul57,

Ok, so you’re saying that it’s still not working I think.

I think it would be best to NOT try and use the viewlink app at the same time. It may conflict with the commands from ArduPilot.

If you can turn off the viewlink app and try and control the gimbal and then send me a log I may be able to see what is wrong.

By the way, please have a peek at this wiki page to see how to control a gimbal.

@rmackay9 I’m trying the way you have asked me to do. But the control was happening when I connected the viewpro app. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll update you once done. Also the log I uploaded was the one without opening the viewlink app.

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