Video tx ? on pixhawk px4 quad

I have been out of this for a while. running a quad with a pixhawk px 4. Im looking to add a video transmitter that preferably is capable of telemetry also so I can remove my telemetry radio and replace it. I want something that will integrate into mission planner and also add a live view of what my gimbal is looking at. What are the best options out there now at a decent price point?

Million dollar question!
The cheapest is something diy like wifi broadcast and a couple of RPi’s.
The simplest is probably herelink, which is integrated to a handheld controller.
Taisync, microhard and others (new one here: SmartLink - Digital video, telemetry and control for 20 km) seem capable too.
Ultimately you need to decide your use case, technical ability, and budget.