Tuning & Autotuning: MOT_PWM_MIN & MOT_PWM_MIN

I am tuning for the first time before autotuning, and unsure what to set MOT_PWM_MIN & MOT_PWM_Max to. At https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html it says for MOT_PWM_MAX to “Check ESC manual for fixed range or 2000us” In Mission Planner, in options next to MOT_PWM_MAX it says “0=Use input RC3 Max” My RC3_MAX is set to 1920. Should I leave this set at “0” to use my throttle stick maximum instead? (and the do similarly for MOT_PWM_MIN)

You can usually leave both of these at 0 and rely on the transmitter/receiver PWM min and max. MOT_PWM_Min and MOT_PWM_Max are useful where you’ve got ESCs that cant be calibrated, such as the DJI ones.
Just run the ESC calibratiosn proceedure.

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My esc’s are DJI esc’s. I’ve got them set to go from 1120 to 1920 pwm. I did this because I was told by several sources that I cannot calibrate DJI esc’s. However, I actually think I remember successfully calibrating them at one point. I will investigate this further.

You are correct. The DJI and T-Motor ESCs should have specific MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX settings.
The usual setting is 1100 and 1940

These days MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX default to 1000 and 2000 instead of relying on the RC calibration.

This is what I thought as well. Until I saw several sources claiming “1120-1920.” I see lots of people setting theirs to 1920 on the high end, and I think it started with a mistyping. I’m changing mine back to 1940.

Ok, thanks. I won’t waste my time trying again. I think I was thinking of a different model I was able to calibrate without DJI esc’s.