Tuning & Autotuning: MOT_PWM_MIN & MOT_PWM_MIN

I am tuning for the first time before autotuning, and unsure what to set MOT_PWM_MIN & MOT_PWM_Max to. At https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html it says for MOT_PWM_MAX to “Check ESC manual for fixed range or 2000us” In Mission Planner, in options next to MOT_PWM_MAX it says “0=Use input RC3 Max” My RC3_MAX is set to 1920. Should I leave this set at “0” to use my throttle stick maximum instead? (and the do similarly for MOT_PWM_MIN)

You can usually leave both of these at 0 and rely on the transmitter/receiver PWM min and max. MOT_PWM_Min and MOT_PWM_Max are useful where you’ve got ESCs that cant be calibrated, such as the DJI ones.
Just run the ESC calibratiosn proceedure.

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My esc’s are DJI esc’s. I’ve got them set to go from 1120 to 1920 pwm. I did this because I was told by several sources that I cannot calibrate DJI esc’s. However, I actually think I remember successfully calibrating them at one point. I will investigate this further.

You are correct. The DJI and T-Motor ESCs should have specific MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX settings.
The usual setting is 1100 and 1940

These days MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX default to 1000 and 2000 instead of relying on the RC calibration.

This is what I thought as well. Until I saw several sources claiming “1120-1920.” I see lots of people setting theirs to 1920 on the high end, and I think it started with a mistyping. I’m changing mine back to 1940.

Ok, thanks. I won’t waste my time trying again. I think I was thinking of a different model I was able to calibrate without DJI esc’s.

Hi Guys! New to Ardu so please be calm :wink:
I have a copter with motors running too fast after starting them and realeasing the sticks to center (Alt or GPS Mode). The copter is almost taking off with smaller payload. Tuning has been done by a friend.
Setup: X8-130cm,26" folding, TMotor MN, Flame 60esc. Orange with Here.
To prepare for the next flight without making something wrong:
MOT_SPIN_MIN is set to 0,15 → reducing this should make it better
MOTTHST_HOVER is set to 0,25 → has that an effect too how quick the motors turn?

Many thanks for help!

With default settings this is the learned throttle value to hover. Have a read of these Wiki entries
Hover Throttle
Setting Motor Range

Post a link to a .bin flight log at hover if you want assistance.