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Trouble connecting RaspberryPi 3 with Pixhawk

(Fnoop) #21

Hi @Elpidoforos_Anastasi, ardupilot or maverick doesn’t have anything to do with ez-wifibroadcast. What are you looking help for?

(Elpidoforos Anastasiou) #22

i am trying to connect pixhawk to pi

(Elpidoforos Anastasiou) #23

trying to do this

(Fnoop) #24

What problems are you having?

(Elpidoforos Anastasiou) #25

basically i have connected everything but i get no data on video ,is there any way to send you a video of the problem if you have facebook please add me on and i will send you a video of the problem there thanks :<

(Fnoop) #26

Hi, I don’t think that has anything to do with arudpilot - suggest you ask in the ez-wifibroadcast forum or whatever their support is.