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Tiltrotor support for plane

(tridge) #525

yes, and it shouldn’t really be under “Development Team” any more, as it is not a new feature.
What about we add a “VTOL Plane” section, and within that have “QuadPlane”, “TiltRotor” and “TailSitter”?

(Pompe Cukor) #526

I think that is an excellent idea tridge. To open VTOL Plane section. Who came make such a thing happen?

(Graham D) #527

With a vectored yaw triplane, if I envoke autotune while in the hover will it do copter autotune and then while in fixed wing mode will it do fixed wing autotune?

(Rolf) #528

It only performs autotune in fixed wing mode. Be carefull: if you envoke autotune while in hover, the plane perhaps starts forwardtransition (? im not shure, but switching form hover to FBWA starts forwardtransition and autotune is a fixedwing mode)


Tiltrotor support for plane #2
(Graham D) #529

Thanks Rolf. So no autotune for the Copter part of VTOL? I’ve got a Nimbus VTOL but it doesn’t fly so well in Copter mode, so I’ll have to do the tuning the old fashioned way.

(Pompe Cukor) #530


Thank you for the new section. I have opened a V2 of this same topic. Kindly close/lock this one, so that new post cannot come here, otherwise as you are seeing, people might not move.

@everyone else

Let us continue the discussion here: Tiltrotor support for plane #2
This original, very useful, but too long topic is linked in the first post there, so nothing is lost.

(Atico) #531

I have a question. When the Pixhawk is powered, the tilt-rotor motors perform one test moving down and up. Is there a parameter to deactivate this movement?

(Zone FPV) #532

I’ve put together a tricopter VTOL wing using the Rainbow 2 from Banggood and robot servos on the tilt mechanism.

Hovering is very stable, though it took a large amount of D gain on the yaw axis to stop yaw waggle.

The first transition to FBWA mode didn’t go well… There was insufficient elevator response and the reflex position of the elevons should have been more positive. I’m planing to replace the foam elevons with balsa ones, which ought to be much stiffer, too.

Here’s a short narrated video showing the build and crash.

Surprisingly, all the components (motor mounts etc.) are fine and just need to be re-glued to the airframe.

Happy to share the param file if anyone is working on a similar build, and to take any tips if anyone has any suggestions based on the video.

(Graham D) #533

Just a thought, your rear motor tilts down and goes then horizontal when in FF, would it not lift the tail and push the nose down when transitioning making the elevons seem ineffectual?
And may I ask why the rear tilting motor anyway (adds extra weight and complexity), it’s not necessary?

(Zone FPV) #534

That’s a good question. I think the nose being pushed down is countered by the front motors simultaneously tilting, but I’m happy to be corrected.

The idea behind tilting all motors was to be able to experiment with 3 motors for FF or only 2. This is a simple change to the servo outputs to disable the rear motor tilt and a change to the tilt mask.

You’re right that the rear tilt servo adds weight, but on this aircraft with its short chord length, the weight of the rear servo is needed to balance the plane. So what might seem complex in having a rear servo was simpler than extending the central pod or designing and installing a boom and mounting hardware…

Turning off the rear tilt is something I’ll try.

(David) #535

I need some help, my motors don’t work when I try fly in any Qmode, but in plane mode work well

(Lgh5054) #536


i’m made a V-TOL plane ,

copter mode is very well but Plane mode very heavy rolling !!! please help me.V-TOL PARAMETA.param (16.3 KB)

(tridge) #537

Looks like a nice build! Do you have the DF log file from the crash? It may give some hints as to why you didn’t have enough pitch control

(tridge) #538

@David.ldpm we really need to see the DF log to be able to help

(tridge) #539

@lgh5054 like with the other replies, we need to see a DF log to help with tuning

(tridge) #540

I’d agree with this comment, just make the rear motor always straight up or straight down. It is best to reduce the number of motors in fwd flight anyway, as it keeps the motors closer to their optimal efficiency point

(tridge) #541

sorry, no autotune for the vtol part of quadplane yet, but there is a helper here:

(Lgh5054) #542

Hello tridge

Thank you for your reply

I want to show flight video,DF log but upload is fail

Can I e-mail you?

(tridge) #543

can you load it to a google drive or dropbox instead?

(Lgh5054) #545

this is DF log

this is video

please help me