Tank empty alert

INdeed. It is working just fine.

Rather remove 4.7.1
Or give it a try on a fresh Win10 install.
(OR build a release and move it to a fresh win10 install to try)

I can’t seem to get it working.
You know I run mission planner from visual studio built, and the plugin runs perfectly fine there including the messages line.
But if I copy the dll file of the plugin to the most recent mission planner install, that line of code doesn’t work, but at least the rest of it works fine

Most recent MP install means Beta ?

No, I don’t install the beta version. MP 1.3.70
Did you try the plugin with the released bersion of MP and it works fine ? If so, maybe you can send me the version of libraries installed with Visual Studio.

Well then it is it, indeed it does not work if compiled against 1.3.70…
Will look into it.

Yes, thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful.
At least the main algorithm works fine which is what I wanted. I have 2 fuel level sensors, one high and one low, and they work really well with the new plugin with coresponding warning messages.
It would be interesting to find out why that line of code doesn’t work.
Looking forward to see what you find !

Well, it seems about different versions of libraries used on latest beta and 1.3.7
So, to make it work, clone 1.3.70 (git clone --branch MissionPlanner1.3.70 https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner.git)
And use the MissionPlanner.Stats plugin project as a template.
It will work then.

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did exactly that and it works :grin:, really well done, you are a genius !
This is the first time I am working on software code, so have a lot to learn.

How would I display the message like in the photo below, where it appears on the HUD view.
In ardupilot you give it a severity status when you send the mavlink to GCS.

@Eosbandi could you give me a hint please?

Beside the Host.cs.messages.add, you also have to add

Host.cs.messageHigh = “String to display”;
Host.cs.messageHighTime = DateTime.Now;
Note that this will be overwritten if any new high priority messages are coming in.

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