T-motor alpha ESC active braking while disarmed

If less expensive ESCs had any of those symptoms would you use them?
Probably not, most people would select a different brand.

One of the most concerning things is the nonadjustable highly sensitive over current shut down. And you need to remove power before it resets. There’s a good chance the impact at ground level will disconnect power for you :frowning:

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Hi Shawn,

The current protection is only pressent on the flame ESCs as far as I know. I’m using alpha ESCs for this one. I don’t believe they have the same over current protection.

Although, I don’t think there is anything wrong with my ESCs. Both behave the same each time and I’ve talked to people who have a whole set of ESCs with both om my behaviors. Those fly fine. I do think it may be so that 2 of my esc are running a later firmware version than the other two. Although I want this confirmed before I buy the data link box.


Yes, I too believe the strange current limit “feature” is only in the Flame ESCs.
The Alpha ESCs do get used in many heavy duty designs with success. On the flip side I know of Alpha failures too.
I can think of other ESCs that don’t require different firmware for different motors, or behave differently depending on motor direction.

Yeah, the difference would be the linear throttle curve for each motor. At this point I would need to buy a new arm set if I would want to change ESCs. The frame is built a lot around the components I use so there is no space for ESCs inside of it unfortunately.
So swapping them would be hard on this build. I’m going to try to contact t-motor again and see if I get a useful answer from them. Since the motors behave so predicably, each of them working fine during a motor test too, I believe there is definitely someone at t-motor who knows why. Just got to find the right guy

When you talk to them why don’t you suggest they abandon their firmware and the requirement for a Data Link Box and pay a royalty for BLHeli_32 :grinning:

I wonder if T-Motor brought Simon Kirby out of retirement to code their firmware :thinking:

Yeah, it’s the future I guess, to match esc to motor. But requiring a data link box is such a dick move unfortunately. Blheli does it with passthrough no issues what so ever. It would be no problem if they had special firmwares for some motors with their easy blheli siute and all

Shame t-motor didn’t make their system as easy to use.

Hi Dave,

You don’t know of anyone here who has lots of experience with t-motor alpha esc who I can ask? Someone who might know about differences between production batches or firmwares for these ESCs and combos??


I’ve finally solved this issue. I got a hold of a t-motor data link and the CW and CCW motors were flashed with different firmware, even though t-motor delivered them as a whole module/kit.

Just wanted to let you know!


Do you can send me the firmware files? I have the same issue with 2 motors

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You need the T-motor datalink module, than you need to download the manual file for that module from t-motors webpage I think.

You should get a .rar file from the download I think, if you extract the files from the compressed rar file, you should see the program used to flash the ESCs.

You need to be connected to an internet source when you open the flashing program, than the list of firmwares should appear when you’ve connected to the ESC. There is a drop down tab you can press to access the list I think.

You should also see what firmware is on your ESCs to confirm that this is indeed your issue.

Feel free to ask if you run into any issues!

Hi Axel,

ah, now I’m see how it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot …

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Isn’t that module like $150? BLHeliSuite is free and the cost of the license is baked into the ESC price :thinking:

Yeah, it’s an expensive module.

I wasn’t suppose to need it, since I bought the arm set from t-motor but the built in Alpha ESC was flashed with the wrong firmware.

BLheli is much simpler and more customizable, but the T-motor armset is a really great solution to minimize wiring, weather proof stuff and get a simpler system. That’s if they manage to send them with the right firmware though. For most people the BLheli will be simpler, but I think I’ll stick to the Arm sets, I really like the concept of those.

It would be interesting to compare an Alpha ESC with it’s intended motor to the same motor with a BLheli ESC.

I think if you search here for APD ESC’s you will find some info…

One of my friends had T-Motor ESC’s on a big X8 and switched them out for iFlight BLHeli_32 units. Very happy with them and the value of Dshot that came along with it.

How did the flight time get affected, if you know?

No idea about that. I would think there would be no significant difference but I don’t have any data on that. We really got that craft flying nice by using an RPM driven notch filter.