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Solution to the mission planner image tagging issues

(X1Aero) #21

Don’t forget ppk won’t give you survey grade ortho. You’d need a FOG gyro for that : ) That’s what I use on my Phoenix scanner. You’ll still want to drop targets for GCP’s and check points. If you’re going to fly sans GCP’s with ppk, at least drop some check points.

(David) #22

Agree, PPK wont give you survey grade orthos. The only value I see to PPK is modest improvements in processing time. And GEOtagging wiith PPK EXIF data is much more complicated than using pixhawk DFlogs.

(X1Aero) #23

Anyone thinking of investing in a ppk system should really take note of your comment. So often in this industry we’re promised more than we actually get. PPK would work great is you had say KVH IMU that was boresight to the camera. That’s exactly what I have when mounting a camera to my AL-3 lidar. But the cost is crazy just for photogremmetry. SfM photogrammetry is a great low cost tool combined with GCP and checkpoint targets.

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(Bharath S) #24

I have Geo Tag issues in mission planner and stretching Issue

  1. I have brought PX4 and I burn with Arducopter firmware .I made a Grid in Mission and Planed the mission at mission Planner.

    After Completed the mission I was Shocked a have got and 61 lat and Log but i got 58 images
    I cant able rectify it.

2.At the Other end i have made a mission using Pixhawk Cube with Flir veu Camera, this time we made Self geo tag option at pixhawk with Flir veu Camera ,All the images are tagged but images are not Stretching properly

Please give a idea for this both problem

(hans bert) #25

image every 1.83 seconds. in optimal conditions.
if the there is wind that could be 50% less time… is you camera setup capable of that (over a period of time)?

(Bharath S) #26

Hii, Thank you for Replaying
Yes at that time there was a wind around 6 to 8 m/s but we have given in distance base triggering ,We did’t Face any issues in the camera lagging till now i have made many mission with my camera with N3 controller but i have facing this issue only in pixhawk.

(hans bert) #27

i assume that the N3 was used on a multirotor platform and the pixhawk on a wing now?
it sound like it is exactly the problem that i was talking of, the camera is not caplable of shooting that fast, triggering that fast, or the sd card is to slow to get all the data written.

please give more details:

m/s flight speed, height, trigger distance.

(Bharath S) #28

Hii Bro,
Have Good Day
I Used in the Multi rotor Quad Configuration
At N3 i have given Speed of 5 m/s ,2 Sec once trigger and 30 mts alt.
At PX4 we have given Distance base trigger and all the mission base parameter was given at the Before image
I think that there will be a issues on Seagull, i used seagull Map2 as by-pass for triggering. Do you Know any Issues Occurs in the seagull.