Sky Viper v2450 GPS Target Clearance $53 -also on Amazon

Possibly a topic for another thread: Has anyone tried flying multiple SVs at once? After Target slashed the price, I now have three SVs (one with a wonky prop spindle I repaired after a crash…). Also velcroed lights to two of them. Now hoping to fly all together on similar waypoints at stepped altitudes, at dusk. This thread touches on it. Are there others? Voice of experience, anyone? If I learn anything from my attempts I will start a new topic.

There was a mention of it here

Apparently some folks at a conference had a bunch of them swarming.

Also, check out this threat. I just ran across it. I never knew the Sonix had a JSON interface! I’m certain you can use that.

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Flip mode has been in Arducopter for a while (3.2.1 anyway). However there are no parameters to adjust.

Target’s price today is $31.79!

If you happen to live near a Target that has one in stock great deal. Not that I want another one but I would have to drive 143 miles to pick one up (no shipping).

Yeah, I’ve been burned once before. Drove like 30 miles looking for something that was supposed to be in stock at Target, only to get there and find out it they didn’t have it -or I was too late.