Servo Channel Expansion Board SBUS

Currently, I do not have enough open servo channels on my pixhawk autopilot to satisfy my need for a project. I understand that outputs 1-8 pop up as the corresponding numbers in mission planner. I also know that the auxiliary channels are 9-14. I would like to run some sort of a servo expansion board from the SBUS port on the autopilot, which could then split into 6-8 servo outputs. I was wondering, if I do this, what channels would the expansion board take up. If it is a 6 pin expansion, like this Elite SE6 Servo Channel Expander Serial to PWM (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT -, would the new servo channels be 15-20? Thank you for your help.

Using a CAN node is also an option. It would work just as well as the SBUS out option.