Serial mapping with Cube Orange

Is there any documentation anywhere of the serial mapping of a Cube Orange on arducopter, Ive been googling furiously and not found anything that explains the behaviour of serial 5/6

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Pretty much the same applies to cube

Doesnt seem to be correct for the orange, serial 5 for instance is mapped to ADS-B and not console, and serial 6 seems to be SLCAN to the USB (?)

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yes because ADS-B is internally occupying that port. I am not sure if you disable it, will it release it or not. Not sure about that. My Orange is still looking pretty on my bench :slight_smile: didn’t have time to touch it yet.

Tried disabling ADS-B, no change to CONS funtionality as far as I can see. I wonder if a cube orange in an original carrier board puts it back on the console pinout.

@smartdave Copying Dave…he knows his stuff inside out. He will know the answer…

smartdaveDave Glover


Serial 5 is reserved for the carrier board for ads-b. And as you said, serial 6 which isn’t even a real port gets mapped to slcan, think virtual serial port. I don’t believe there is even a physical uart5 port that you can access

What are you trying to do?

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2nd Rx RCIN, trying to troubleshoot SBUS inversion problems on a cube black by removing the need for an inverter… and found more problems :). All other serial ports are occupied, so it needs to be on the console port. Maybe its worth trying to swap carrier boards with a non ADSB one?

Why not move the GPS to CAN that way you can free up that serial port?


Have had very little luck with canbus on the Here2s for another project, ended up putting them back to UART to make them work…, wont be very valid troubleshooting for the black if I cant get the oranges console port to behave anyway. I’ll try it on another serial, but sounds like ditching the adsb carrier board gets the console port back.

Thanks for the help, stuck cube orange in standard carrier board and got console as serial pins again. Problem still exists, but at least have nailed it down further.

When @MadRC Ian says it will work, he knows what he is doing :slight_smile:

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I primarily use the CUAV Neo V2 Pro CAN GPS in all of my crafta. It also uses the RM3100 compass which is the best out there

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Hi @smartdave
I moved GPS to CAN but I still need an additional serial port.
Can I cut ADS-B from inside and use its serial throw?
Or is there any cube orang without ADS-B?
Thank you for any experience you give me

On the carrier board schematic it shows the 3 pins next to SBUSo are connected to serial5 so you should be able to re-configure it

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Thank you for reply.
Do you mean I should cut the wire?
Could you please tell me what do you mean by re-configure?

No. Just connect to the port labeled CONS Rx/Tx as shown in that illustration.

Hello, thank you for answering.
I finally got a chance to test this connection. I used PL23 to connect the FC and the computer. The port was recognized but the connection failed. I checked the parameters for series 5, SERIAL5_BAUD = 57 and SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 1.
Do you have a suggestion?
Thanks a lot.