Rfd900x with a dipole and a yagi antenna

i want to use a dipole antenna(5-6dbi) and yagi antenna(max. 10dbi) on rfd900x for gcs. what is your comment this configuration and will i need antenna tracker for yagi antenna. yagi antenna knows directional antenna so i think i need the tracker. my purpose is lossless range at 1.5km. Is this confugarion enough for my purpose. Also, when i use high gain antenna, is there any chance the module is broken?
thanks for advance

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You wont need any additional antennas for 1.5km (or even 15km if you got the decimal point wrong), just use the antennas that come with the RFD radios. The short antennas will be fine.
At 1.5km you will still easily be able to use high data rates, like 115200 baud.

Over 40 km is possible, I know of 150km as a typical occurrence.
If you were to use a yagi, you definitely need a tracker of some sort.

There’s plenty more examples too, but mostly logs are not supplied since long ranges are usually commercial and logs may not be allowed to be shared.

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Antenna type BS-8 can work with RFD900 UP TO 100KM. You don’t need a tracker. Standard antennas can work up to 40 km

Thanks for advice. I used before rfd900x but the device is sensitive. It losed the performance after approximately 5-6 month. My actually consider is the deterioration of devices. how can i avoid this situation ?

The device may stop working for several reasons. If we exclude a power problem, this is either a burnt device due to turning on without antennas, or a manufacturing defect

what about using the high gain antenna ? can it effect the device?

Any non-standard yagi antenna will have a higher gain. The question is to eliminate all problems with the hard in the current configuration.
For example, check the coaxial cable for integrity or interference from other devices.
You also need to exclude man-made sources of interference at the place where you fly.

I know the RFD radios are tested in extreme conditions (voltages, interference, temperatures) so you’ve either got some very adverse external influence, or somehow there’s a cheap copy, or an actual faulty one.
They are designed to have a very long life.

thanks to you for informations.

Hi Shawn - do you know why the bundles come with 4 half wave dipoles? /Do you know what difference is made putting those on the airside vs the short 1/4 monopoles?
/how the performance of the monopoles is with/without a ground plane