RFD900x Asynchronous mesh firmware multi vehicle connection issue

Hi everyone,

We were using Multipoint Sync firmware 2.86. As you know, a master node is required for this connection and if there is no master node, connection can not established between the other nodes. I don’t want the connection like this.
I decided to use async firmware v2.69 so everyone can connect with each other(no relay need). But there are some issue for me. If I connect 3 node each other, the connection drops sometimes. Do you know the best parameter configuration for async mesh firmware on multi vehicle connection?

At below, there is a picture that show my configuration for async mesh firmware.

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Anybody can help for this issue?

For baud 115 you will need Air speed of 125 or 200.
Air speed must be higher than baud

In RFD900x Asynchronous firmware User Manual, there is a note like this:

It is important to note that when using asynchronous firmware, the air rate should be set to a lower value then the baud rate.

Additionaly, I asked to RFDesing Support Team a question about this issue last week ago.They gave me an answer like this:


The asynchronous firmware is not designed for continous messaging e.g.
telemetry data. The system employs a listen before talk and random
backoff scheme this can cause some nodes to be locked out by other nodes
regularly transmitting. The only way that you could use it for this kind
of system is if you can precisely control the timing of data packets
from each node.

Moreton King

I will continue to research about this issue. For now I don’t know how to do it.