Question regarding the tailsitter


leave it at the default.

@iampete thanks.
I suppose the default value was 45.
I will change it.

I have a problem in RTL mode for my Tail sitter.
Ideally once the plane enters RTL mode it should fly as a fixed wing until it enters the RTL_Radius and then switch to QRTL but in all of the flights when I switched to RTL even outside the RTL_Radius the mode changes to QRTL and it comes back as VTOL plane. Am I missing any parameters?

You sure you switching to RTL not QRTL? Is your RTL_RADUIS correct? I think the value is cementers not meters.

Yeah I am definitely switching to RTL and not QRTL. My RTL_RADIUS is 8 meters. RTL_ALT_HOLD is in centimeters that is at 2500cm and it maintains that altitude. But the problem is its switching to QRTL as soon as I switch to RTL and it will come back to the home point as a VTOL plane.

do you have a log of this?

Yes I am attaching the logs.

Also any suggestions on fine tuning the vertical flight? So that the Des_Pitch, Des_Roll, Des_Yaw matches with Pitch, Roll and Yaw respectively based on the logs?
The problem right now is that while descending to land, it will slightly pitch forward (some 5 to 10 degrees) and sometimes when its landing in windy conditions it flips and crashes.
Takeoff in Q_Hover and Auto mode is perfectly vertical and performs pretty well in windy conditions as well, but landing in any mode is very bad and it is never vertical.

It’s because you have not done the transition. Every time you switch to RTL, You are expecting it to do transition and start to circle in fixed RTL wing mode. Try switching to FBWA and then RTL.

@Mallikarjun_SE even if I switch to RTL while flying in FW orientation from Stabilize mode it transitions to QRTL and then returns to home as a VTOL plane.