Question regarding Crossfire/Mavlink for RC control

Unfortunately I have no experience with Pixhack/hawks, only F4/F7 FCs with UARTs. I can just say that CRSF plus telemetry only worked for me on a port dedicated for telemetry (and not the one recommended for serial receivers).

I guess I can try connecting to other ports and see what happens. I would think, since telemetry and RC worked on this port, albeit with MAVlink, that crossfire would also work but who knows???

Well, it appears the mystery may be solved. The 1M flash version of 4.1 does not include CRSF functionality.

I may have the identical issue, just trying to confirm. My FC is the Kakute F7 V1.5 (STM32F745) and the specs say 1Mb flash. Where did you discover that 1Mb flash does not support CRSF? Are you confident this was the ultimate reason for the CRSF rc-in failure?

It was revealed to me in a discussion with some developers. From what I recall, the image that fits 1 MB does not include CRSF functionality.

thanks, I used Yaapu’s custom build and followed instructions on that thread and I managed to get it working, appreciate the reply

I’m glad to hear you round a resolution. I had put this particular project to the side for a while. Thanks for the link. When I get back to this, I will give that a try.