Question about 500mW Transceiver Telemetry Radio V3


I’ve just bought a Holybro 500mW Transceiver Telemetry Radio V3.

How the 500mW (27 dBm) output power is set ?

When i try it by setting with a 27 dBm value in SIK radio setup of my Mission Planner, i get an error message.

Is it caused by a Mission Planner’s SIK radio config form limitation ?

May i use AT commands or other way to set 500 mW output power ?

Thanks in advance.


Those radios supposedly have a fixed gain stage on the output of a standard amplifier. So set it for 20dBm and if they are honest you get 500mw out.

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Ok. I’ve figured out something like you are talking about. Better this way then.

Thank you very much Dave.


Same question here again: Mission planner allows me to set TX power to 20 max. This is the same value for some other version 2 SiK radios that “only” have 100mW.
Is there a way to verify the radio run at 500mW?
Powerwise this still should be fine, right? (at 5V this would require 0.1A)

Note: interesting discussion here.

Same answer. That discussion is all you need to know. The joke is that if those radios are trailed on a long tether behind the craft the noise they produce will be minimized…

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the main problem with the 433mhz sik radios is most of them used usb chips that essentially jammed the radio from receiving, 900mhz is not effected by this issue.

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