Quad-Plane tilt rotor idea

Has anybody thought about tilt rotor for Quad-Plane?
I was thinking that the front two props could transition from horizontal to vertical. This would reduce drag and weight as there would be one less motor.
The problem at the moment is during transition Yaw would become very funky.
With the current configuration :-
Motor 1 is on the right side and rotates CCW.
Motor 2 is on the left side and rotates CW.
For a quad to yaw CW motor 1 and 2 increase RPM.
Whilst transitioning this will start to become the opposite for plane mode.
Motor 1 would become the Right wing thrust and 3 for left wing. Therefor during transition if APM decides a CCW yaw is needed it will increase motor 3 which would actually start a CW force as the forwards thrust will start becoming from the left motor in a backwards direction.
If we can swap the motor layout i.e. 1&2 =CW 3&4=CCW then this will eliminate this problem.
As the transition (from my understanding) looks for enough forwards velocity to maintain lift beyond the stall speed it then shuts down the Quad motors.
Upon transition in Quad mode forwards flight is needed. As this starts (usually by engaging the plane thrust motor) we could start forwards motion in Quad mode then start tilting motors 1 and 3. The more they tilt the more forwards velocity will be gained. This would start a natural transition as the wings start to produce lift. This should be able to be done quite quickly.
Upon enough forwards velocity and beyond stall speed motors 2 and 4 can then be shut off.
Does this make sense or am I barking up the wrong tree?


There is a thread for QP tiltrotor below.

Tiltrotor support for plane

Great job congratulations to all, my first post here on Forun excuse the bad English, can someone tell me if quadeplane 3.6.0 could support this model:
http: //ares-rc.com/Z-line/V-HawkX4/
I have recently used kk2.1 with support measure openaero2 v1.3 to control it described here:
initial project with construction of the tips on the link http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1506613&page=6

It would be interesting to use the codgo quadplane 3.6.0 for missions and trans├žoes with this new model qtr quad tilt rotor.