Quad Always Misses the waypoints


Okay I’ll update to v 4.1 and post

Has to be at least Beta7. Beta8 will be the default Beta version so use that.

Okay Beta7 understood

Okay I uploaded now I’ll test

At least beta 7. But beta 8 is better

Okay we had our first tests and they went good actually it is not doing a curve right now with these parameters:(https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iPbEmatMTJh7FGEC6oN6RSjUV-YfZrG4?usp=sharing) but currently it is so slow that I don’t think that it would curve. The second thing is when we upgraded to 4.1.0 actually our throttle decreased a bit. We have made our AltHold and Loiter tests and MOT_THST_HOVER went from125 to 153 so we increased the PSC_ACCZ_I and P values. We did not observe any surge or loss of altitude. We also can observe this while we are trying to take off it just does not take-off. Here is the link to the tests: (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iPbEmatMTJh7FGEC6oN6RSjUV-YfZrG4?usp=sharing) in the end these tests made me feel better again 4.1.0 worked well for now except the take-off problems

There is an AUTO_OPTIONS parameter to consider.


Okay I increased WPNAV_JERK from 1 to 5 but I could not understand AUTO_OPTIONS. Isn’t it normal takeoff command from a GCS or a switch ?. By the way if you had time to review the .bin file have you seen anything suspicious or wrong ?

There isn’t much to see in that log.

So I can say that tuning is OK? And still did not understand AUTO_OPTIONS

Then do this:

We had another test and it eventually failed becuse motor stopped turning suddenly and it was a disaster nearly all parts are broken. But still problems in takeoff. I increased the wpnav jerk to 6 and I really could not observe its effects. Is it reletable somehow ? Here are the logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SMlKhzHsiOVCb_C5gPNfi36bFbPMEuzK/view?usp=sharing

6? Perhaps doubling it from default would have been a wiser move. And that’s not a log it’s a parameter file.

WPNAV_JERK Is default by 1 and we have flown when it is 5 but it still had some problems in the takeoff stage so I raised it to 6 probably made a mistake but I’ll leave it as default I guess. Btw I’ll upload the log file right away sorry

Post your components and TOW again.
Motors, Prop size, battery power, take-off weight. You have <2wks to your competition?

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Yeah I have a week remaining but I think we are going to do it before the deadline :smiley: Motors: 2500 KV Motors. 5147 Props and 5S 1300 mAh 95C Takeoff weight is nearly 1500~ Kilograms. I changed the ESC and we are going to test.

Ps: We still could not test the changes because one motor is gone I guess so we are still replacing and repairing the whole electronic system