PXFmini without Erle Frambuesa image

I would very much like to ditch the Frambuesa image from Erle (because itโ€™s Jessie).
So, I started from scratch - or Stretch minimal in my case.
So, what would be necessary to gain victory and run Arduplane on Raspberry Zero W and PXFmini?
I already pulled the Ardupilot code.

Here, enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Building an autopilot from scratch using a RaspBerryPi Zero : Mini Zee

I have resurrected the project.

  1. I have RT-preemptive kernel on Raspbian, kernel 4.19.71-rt24
  2. Compiled arduplane with board type a pxfmini.

This is what I get when running it:
Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1. (intern: 1)
MS5611 found on bus 0 address 0x00
MS4525: no sensor found
bind failed on port 14550 - Cannot assign requested address
MPU: temp reset IMU[0] 4576 -1
MPU: IMU[0] stop at 24 of 41
MPU: temp reset IMU[0] 4880 28672
MPU: IMU[0] stop at 12 of 28
and so on.

Detecting I2C addresses:
0X40 (PCA9685)
0X48 (ADS1015)
0x70 ???