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Hello. I am using Dronekit installed Raspberry Pi 3 with it’s camera module as a companion computer. I am also using OpenCV to find the target’s x and y position in the screen. I want to loiter at a spesific altitude over target. I tried to use NED commands in simulation but I dont think it was successful. While searching for this topic I found ‘Precision Landing’ feature. How can I modify it to make it ‘Loiter’ over target by specifying known x and y values of the target? Any links or documentations would be helpful. Thanks.


precloiter can be initiated using option 39 on ch7-11:

Just like precland you feed the FC using the Mavlink LANDING_TARGET

More here: How to use Precision Landing feature with companion computer?

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Thank you! I changed PLND_ENABLE to 2(enabled strict) and PLND_TYPE to 1(companion computer). Also I set ch7 option to 39. The only thing left after activating ch7 is to send landing_target_encode mavlink message expressed in this link, right? Moreover to test my code in simulation don’t I need AC v3.5 or higher? Since dronekit-sitl uses AC v3.3 I can’t see these parameters in simulation? I wonder how you were able to set these parameters in here?


Yes you need 3.5 and up (even in SITL). You need to set PLND_EST_TYPE = 0 to use RAW, the EKF is broken, make the quad get like a '‘Psychotic Wasp’'

This code is ok but you have to update the old send_land_message to the new LANDING_TARGET:

Or you can use @Fnoop excellent vision landing =

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How can I use v3.5 or higher in simulation environment? Dronekit-sitl uses v3.3, is there another simulation software or should I just upgrade the firmware? If so how can I do that?

Just use SITL

Thank you very much. Now I have a simulated copter running v3.6dev :grinning: Time to go back to test some codes.