Plane crash after launch, need help

Please help me solve the problem that appeared in my plane.
I use an elastic catapult for takeoff. Usually takeoff does not cause any problems, but this time it fell immediately after the catapult launch. I noticed that the despitch during this takeoff was stable at 4 degrees, while in a normal takeoff, the despitch changes its value at the start and during takeoff it can reach the threshold values of 10-15 degrees, which I set in TKOFF_LVL_PITCH. Can you help me find what was the problem?
Firmware: arduplane 4.0.3
Link to logfile with crash

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I can’t open the .log :frowning: do you have also low thr instead of 100% thr?
Maybe it’s the same problem solved in this post: Poor Throttle during Takeoff


I was having a similar problem and was caused by a fault in the airspeed. Are you using airspeed ?