Plane 3.9.8 release

Thanks Tridge

Really appreciate how quickly this all happened!

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Hi Tridge,

Could my crash where everything stopped during landing be a result of this problem?

Logfile is here:

I can’t tell without the tlog plus a longer description of what happened and a description of the LEDs after you landed.

All went well for this mission until landing. We switched to QHOVER, transition took place and suddenly all multirotors stopped working. It was at 15 meter altitude and of course had a serious crash.

Strangly, after looking at the logfile, it looks like there was a total loss of power. However, nosecam video showed the plane going down and crashing. So the power was still there.

The leds on the Here GPS module were blinking as if the pixhawk was disarmed.

The t-log file is here.

Thank you very much for the help.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you what happened. Sometimes if a SiK radio is used then I can get a bit more information from a tlog, but in this case there are no RADIO_STATUS packets to help, so all I can say is what you know already, which is that all logging and telemetry stopped. The most likely cause is a power interruption, but I can’t tell you for sure.
With the watchdog changes we will have more information, as it a lockup did occur it would be clear in the log on the automatic reset.

I already guessed this was going to be very difficult. I also suspect a power interruption. Nevertheless, thanks for having a look.

Hi all sorry to ask here
is the here2 GPS on the can bus supported in this release
yes it does after days of digging

I am using plane 3.9.8 with 2 here2 gps on Can1 and Can2
if i try to arm it i get

PreArm: GPS Hoop 655.3 ( Needs 2.5 ) and it will not arm

i swapped it back to serial cables and the plane now arms so its must be can bus issue anyone else come across this issue ?

Well after a week i think i found a bug before i had 2 x Here2 gps on he serial ports so i had them setup as Blend.
so i set it to use best gps bingo starts to work on Can-bus now the plane arms

so answer don’t use Blend gps if using 2 x Here2 gps units on the Can-bus
as Here2 does not report gps hoop so it max out the HOOP and will not ARM